Capacity Building for Youths on Taxation

Lusaka, July 25, 2023

In order to empower youths with valuable knowledge on taxes and their integral role in promoting gender equality, CUTS organised a two day workshop.

The “Fiscal Justice for Women and Girls,” workshop gathered 24 participants from Lusaka and Kafue, with the primary objective of educating them about the significance of fiscal justice in the context of women and girls. The education centered around the use of taxes as a tool to advance gender equality, alongside the utilisation of the FTM methodology.

During the workshop, the participants were actively engaged in training sessions that equipped them with the necessary skills and insights to comprehend the intersection of fiscal justice, taxes, and gender equality. Furthermore, the workshop facilitated the formation of four distinct groups among the youth attendees. These groups were entrusted with the responsibility of developing comprehensive work plans for upcoming activities.

The participants drawn from Lusaka and Kafue, united their perspectives and experiences to not only enhance their own understanding but also to raise awareness within the broader community. This collaborative effort was driven by the shared goal of creating a positive impact and driving change.