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Consultant Required

CUTS International, Lusaka was established in 2000 to function as a center for action (policy) research, advocacy and networking on issues of trade and development, economic governance and consumer protection. The mission of the center is to function as a resource, co-ordination, as well as networking center.


In Zambia’s highly urbanized cities informal markets increasingly beginning to play a critical role in feeding the population. According to ILO the informal economy and small shops dominate food purchases, with approximately 90 percent of households reporting that they obtain food from the informal food economy.

Informal markets sell a variety of products at relatively low prices, that ensure that people with low incomes have access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food. However, despite their importance, informal markets are often side-lined from urban planning and policymaking, and the informal economy workers, particularly street vendors, are routinely subjected to harassment and persecution.

Food vendors in Lusaka and Kitwe have faced repeated pressure to relocate to spaces that lack basic services such as water and sanitation or face eviction, but these forced relocation policies have been met with resistance and consistently failed.

CUTS with the support of Hivos is undertaking a project that seeks to develop policies at both local and national levels that will influence the consumption patterns of the citizens to more sustainable diets. The project will focus on the involvement of the Lusaka City Council and other key stakeholders to develop a food policy that harnesses the potential within the informal market sector.


The objective of this work is to promote the development of sustainable informal market systems and harness the potential in the informal markets which results in the development of a Lusaka Food Policy Council and the development of a key food policy documents with the Lusaka City Council.


CUTS is seeking a consultant to work with the CUTS to provide expertise to develop a Lusaka Food Policy Council along with the requisite food policy documents.

Key Output and Deliverables

The consultant will be expected to:

  • Develop plan of what needs t be done, by whom and when
  • Facilitate meetings with key stakeholders
  • Produce the stakeholder mapping report
  • Prepare discussion paper and program for stakeholder meetings
  • Desk review of policy documents related to food policies in Zambia
  • Develop stakeholder meetings reports
  • In consultation with the Lusaka City Council and CUTS, develop the Terms of Reference for a Food Policy Council highlighting the role of each institution in development of food policy
  • Develop food policy for Lusaka
  • Develop operational plan for food policy council


The Food Policy Expert will be expected to provide regular progress updates to the Center coordinator at CUTS through the key Programme Officer responsible for the project. This will include sharing drafts of the key policy document.

At the end of the project a short technical report detailing completed activities will be provided to CUTS.


This work will be completed before or no later than June 2020.

Please email CVs along with proposed budget to and, or deliver copies to: The Centre Coordinator, House No. 32, Plot 406, Kudu Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka.

Deadline for submissions is 18th October 2019