Counterfeit Products

Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International has noted with concern that counterfeit products are increasing on the Zambian market. This increase in counterfeits not only posses a danger to human health but also impacts hard on businesses that produce original products.

Most of these counterfeits are cheap products that are manufactured by unscrupulous business people.

In this regard, CUTS International wishes to urge consumers to be careful when buying edible products and insist for original products that are approved and certified fit for human consumption.

Further, CUTS reminds retailers that they should only sale original goods that reach the standards set by regulators such as the Zambia Competition Commission and the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency.

In the recent past, cases of counterfeits have increased a situation that denies consumers quality products and services at relatively affordable prices.

We commend the recent efforts taken by the Zambia Competition Commission, the Lusaka City Council and the Zambia Police Service in searching, confiscating and raiding suspected shops or houses were fake products are produced or sold.

Fake products should be gotten rid of as they deceive consumers when shopping.

Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International is a non-governmental organisation which works in such areas as trade and development, competition policy, investment regulation and consumer protection. CUTS Africa Resource Centre (CUTS-ARC) was registered in Zambia as a non-governmental organisation in 2000. It is an affiliate of CUTS International based in India.