CUTS concerned with consumer information gap

Consumer Unit Trust Society (CUTS) is concerned with the flow of information to the consumers on their rights as consumers.

CUTS Programs officer Jimmy Maliseni says CUTS has since embarked on projects aimed at enhancing the rights and welfare of the consumers.

Mr. Maliseni points out that cuts has just concluded a health project which looked at the health care delivery in the country and how people relate with medical services and personnel.

He says the health project was carried out upon the realization that many Zambians do not have an understanding or appreciation of their rights.

He says the findings of the research were that many people are not aware that medical personnel were obliged to give full information of the medicines, that they have the right to refuse treatment among other rights.

Mr. Maliseni states that at the end of the projects, they want Zambians to be aware of their rights so that they make informed choices and the consequences of their choices.