CUTS, GNS Launches Urban Futures Project Targeting Chongwe Youths

CUTS International, in collaboration with Global Network Solutions (GNS), have launched a transformative five-year project titled “Urban Futures.”

The project supported by Hivos International, aims to revolutionize urban food systems and empower youths in Chongwe district.

The project themed “Empowering Urban Youths through Agri Urban Connect: A journey of transformation to sustainable Urban Food Systems,” seeks to establish inclusive and climate-resilient urban food systems, offering youth opportunities to actively engage in shaping priorities, influencing decisions, and securing employment within the food sector.

As part of the initiative, an AgriUrban Connect Card will be developed to grant access to various services, including health, pension, financial services, agro inputs, and extension services.

It is projected that 2,000 AgriUrban Connect Cards will be issued over the course of four years. Moreover, the project integrates technology-driven solutions, featuring a technology hub providing assistance in business management, marketing strategies, and market data.

Additionally, a helpline for agripreneurs will be established to facilitate support, information dissemination, partner access, order processing, product delivery, and market access.

Chongwe Member of Parliament and Health Minister Sylvia Masebo delivers closing remarks at the Theory of Change workshop on Urban Futures, hosted at Legacy Family Hotel in Chongwe district.

CUTS and GNS staff collaborate with Chongwe youths at the technology hub during the inception meeting.