CUTS, Solidaridad Embark on Food Safety Healthy Campaign

CUTS, Lusaka, in collaboration with, has embarked on a groundbreaking six-month campaign aimed at promoting healthy diets, enhancing food safety, and minimising food loss and waste in Zambia. The campaign supported by Solidaridad Zambia seeks to address the pressing issues of food contamination resulting from unclean water and unsafe pesticide use in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The primary objective of the campaign is to shed light on the critical role of food safety regulators and advocate for stricter control measures. By implementing proper food safety standards, the region can boost consumer confidence, which, in turn, would open up new opportunities for increased export revenue under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Zambia’s fruits and vegetable supply chain holds enormous potential for economic growth, but this potential can only be realised with standardised development across the value chain. As such, a collaborative effort between stakeholders, regulators, and key players is essential to establish stringent standards for the safe production and handling of food.

In April 2023, CUTS organised an inception meeting, bringing together various stakeholders, regulators, and key players in the food industry. During the meeting, participants discussed strategies to advocate for safer production practices and encourage the consumption of safer food through knowledge sharing, awareness raising, and the creation of a policy environment that prioritises food safety.

CUTS is confident that the re-establishment of the Lusaka Food Policy Council will play a crucial role in addressing food safety challenges. Further, engaging with diverse stakeholders and the local authority will facilitate the development of effective policies and regulations to ensure the highest standards of food safety in Zambia.

As the campaign progresses, it aims to create widespread awareness among consumers and producers about the importance of food safety and the negative impact of food loss and waste. By working together, CUTS and its partners aspire to build a safer, more resilient food system that benefits both the people and the economy of Zambia.