CUTS warns women over counterfeit beauty products

RISING desire by most Zambian women to enhance their beauty is increasingly making them vulnerable targets for counterfeit products, a consumer watchdog says. In an interview, the Consumer Unity and Trust Society international Zambia advised that it was important that women become cautious of the products they consume.

“Women ought to be careful; there are a number of fake female dominated or consumed products on the market produced by those with ill-intentions,” CUTS Zambia co-ordinator Simon Ng’ona said. “Don’t be unfortunate like a woman I am feeling for who bought fake sanitary pads, only to lose her womb after consuming the same.” He said the in-born desire by women to look beautiful should be complimented with a culture of caution when purchasing products.

“The private sector is targeting women as a lucrative market hence the need to be alert,” he said. Ng’ona cited beauty enhancing products such as skin bleaching creams as some of the products women need to be careful with. He said a handful of forward-thinking companies with product lines that were historically considered male-dominated, such as electronics and automotive, are starting to redirect their design and messaging at women. He said research was showing that women globally were increasingly spending more due to rising incomes.

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