Despite ban, CUTS concerned that illegal Mukula trade has continued

January 15, 2018

Zambia has expressed concern that despite the ban on the harvest, transportation and exportation of Mukula tree, there is a lot of illegal trading.

CUTS International Zambia Country Coordinator ChenaiMukumba says this is the more reason why her organization feels that the government lifts the ban as it works out on measures of properly managing the Mukula tree.

MsMukumba says there is need for the government to see to it that the Mukula specie is properly managed and that the citizens benefit from this species.

And the Timber Producers Association of Zambia (TPAZ) has maintained that there is need for the government to remove all tedious procedures in timber licensing.

TPAZ Vice President Charles Masange says the association has been advocating for the promotion of timber exportation in a bid to strengthen the country’s foreign earnings.

Mr. Masange says it is clear that the dependence on copper for foreign exchange earnings is not working well for the nation thus the need to try other sources.

He says it is unacceptable for the nation to be poor when it is endowed with natural resources which if prudently utilized can help improve the lives of the people.

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