GRZ To Raise Billions From Carbon Emissions Tax This Year…

Consumer Unit and Trust Society (CUTS) say the carbon emissions tax will help the government to embark on programmes which are meant to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The government aims to raise about K30.5 billion from the carbon emissions tax this year, funds which will be used for different exercises meant to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

But the public has received the introduction of the carbon emission tax with mixed feelings, considering the fact that the Zambian public is already paying high taxes.

In a press statement released to Zambian Chronicle, CUTS Centre Coordinator Angela Mulenga stated that the introduction of carbon emission tax would give Zambia time to learn and contribute on the way forward that would benefit the country. This will require a lot of consultation, research and policy changes. When these consultations are done the Zambian Government should deliver on the recommendations to this.

Ms Mulenga said that Zambia’s Minister in charge of the environment should focus on engaging stakeholders in mitigation, adoption and raising awareness on climate change. Mulenga stated that the Tourism and Environment Ministry should immediately start consultations on how they would manage the proceeds from the carbon emissions tax since it had been received with mixed feelings.

We call upon government to involve various stakeholders such as civil society organisations; academia and other interested groups so that the programme takes a broad based approach.