Political parties’ workshop on debt opacity

Lusaka, December 12, 2022

In an effort to create awareness on the impacts of public debt, on12th December 2022, the CUTS Lusaka held a workshop for political parties to discuss Zambia’s debt opacity.

Opening the workshop, CUTS country director Ms. Angela Mulenga said the institution under the economic governance pillar has been implementing the “Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy for Accountability in Government Debt Financing” project, to enhance capacity of various stakeholders in advocating for transparency and accountability in public finance and debt management.

To that effect, CUTS engaged a legislative expert to train and enhance CUTS staff, the CSO, government representatives, political parties and the media to intensify their knowledge, strengthen their advocacy strategy around the enactment of the Access to Information Bill as well as effectively positively influence the efficient implementation of policy such as the Public Debt Management Act of 2022.