Preparatory Phase

Project Broucher

The preparatory phase for the CREW Project started after the Planning Meeting held in Bonn (Germany) in November, 2012.

In this phase the background work for the project began which involved the development of a Background Paper by Nathan Associates describing the process and reasons for the selection of project countries and project sectors. The background paper also contains the proposed methodology that can be adopted for the ground work to be undertaken in the CREW Project.

The Conceptual Framework was also developed in this phase that provides a broad outline of the methodology to be undertaken in all the three phases.

  • Conceptual Framework Phase I – Diagnostic Phase
  • The framework provides an idea of how the project envisages collection of relevant information from the
    sectors/markets and using the same for developing the Diagnostic Country Report (DCR).

  • Conceptual Framework Phase II – Design Phase
  • Conceptual Framework Phase III – Validation Phase