Prepare for WTO meet, Third World urged

The Consumer Unity & Trust Society has urged developing countries which are preparing for the World Trade Conference later this year to adequately prepare for the fourth-coming meeting.

Trade ministers from developing countries are scheduled to meet in Tanzania from today to October 16 in preparation for the WTO minister’s conference to be held in Geneva from November 30 to December 2, 209.

In a statement released yesterday, CUTS centre coordinator Angela Mulenga said representatives from developing countries should bring out issues including a focus on duty-free and quota-free market access and rules of origin.

“At this meeting, Zambia should also strategise on issues to be proposed during the ministerial meeting such as agriculture, trade facilitation and trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPs), aid-for-trade, trade and environment”, Ms Mulenga said.

She said if the measures are implemented, developing countries such as Zambia will enhance their participation in international trade.

She said Zambia respected maximum benefits that the trade holds, hence contributing to the improvement of social services of its citizens.

Ms Mulenda said from the two meetings, Zambia should be able to set its economic policy well against the backdrop of the impacts of the global financial crisis that are being felt hard by Zambians.