Review of FISP Implementation During the 2018/19 Season-Part 2

Lusaka, May 07, 2019

On Tuesday 7th May, 2019,CUTS through the Agriculture Network, hosted a review meeting of FISP implementation for 2018/19 season. From 2017/18 agriculture season, Smart Zambia Institute in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture has been implementing the Zambia Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (ZIAMIS) to support the management of the FISP e-voucher system. In 2018/19 season, the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), targeted to support one million (1,000,000) farmers across the country with about 600,000 farmers to receive support through the electronic voucher system while the remaining 400,000 were designated to receive support through direct input supply by the government.
With input distribution coming to an end, we are glad to bring together and host stakeholders involved in the Implementation of FISP including the Ministry of Agriculture, Input supply companies, banks, Agro-dealers, farmers and civil society among others to share experiences and propose recommendations for improving programme implementation in 2019/20 season.