Sinkamba asks Zesco to exclude hospitals from load shedding

Diggers News, June 21, 2019

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has written to Zesco management asking them to consider excluding key hospital and clinics from their load shedding schedule.

In an interview after delivering a letter to Zesco managing director Victor Mundende, Thursday, Sinkamba noted with concern that some vital institutions that were supposed to save lives such as Kitwe University Teaching Hospital and Pamsco hospital were experiencing load-sheding.

“It is sad that the health facilities which provide key medical services have to stop their major procedures because there is no power. I was personally affected by the load shedding last week on Thursday 13, 2019 when I was scheduled for medical exams at 14:00 hours at the clinic. Most procedures could not be conducted on account that vital equipment could not be operated without grid power. I was among several patients who had to wait for several hours before being attended to,” Sinkamba said.

“I understand that long before load shedding commenced, hospital management engaged Zesco management in Kitwe to exclude hospital facilities from load shedding but nothing has been done yet.”

He appealed to Zesco management to quickly address the matter before lives were lost at the two health institutions. “My appeal is to the Managing Director of Zesco to ensure that he immediately intervenes in excluding the institutions. the case of Pamsco in Kitwe is very urgent because we don’t want to have people dying on the queue waiting for power” said Sinkamba.

And Consumer Unity Trust Society (CUTS) national coordinator Chenai Mukumba said in a separate interview that Zesco should be more effective with adhering to the timing of the load shedding schedule.

“It certainly affect business negatively as the core purpose of setting up a timetable was for business owners to see how they can work around the hours where they have access to electricity. It is worsening the effects of the load shedding and our encouragement to Zesco is to fully communicate to all consumers,” said Mukumba.

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