Advocacy Activities

Country Specific Advocacy Activities

Countries Activities Outputs
Ghana Maize Sector Focus Group Discussions with Market Queens and Farmers
Meeting with key stakeholders including Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Fertiliser importers and Farmer Organisations
Liberalisation Of Maize Procurement In Ghana And Implication On Women’s Economic Empowerment: Case-Study Of Market Queens In Selected Regions
Competition Issues in the Transport of Fertilisers
Ghana Bus Transport Sector Meetings with the Ministry of Transport Operationalising the Road Transport Authority
India Wheat Sector Discussions with key agriculture stakeholders in the state of Bihar Impact of Current Market Dynamics on Paddy and Wheat Farmers in Muzaffarpur, Bihar
India Bus Transport Sector Bill Blow Up – Draft Road Transport and Safety Bill, 2014

Comments on Road Transport & Safety Bill, 14

Presentation to the Chief Secretary and Department of Transport, Madhya Pradesh – Hindi | English

Discussions with the Department of Transport, Gujarat

Inputs for making Road transport pro-competitive in India

Comments on Road Transport & Safety Bill, 14

Facilitating the development of ‘Madhya Pradesh Intercity Transport Authority’

Advocating for reforming the transport sector in Gujarat

India Competition issues Advocacy with Competition Commission of India Joint Workshop on (i) an enabling policy environment, (ii) pro-competitive guidelines for (public) procurement of buses and (iii) planning transport services such that it fosters competition on ‘routes’

Empanelment of CUTS in CCI as an institution to carry out competition assessment economic legislations /bills referred to them

The Philippines Rice Sector Discussions with the key stakeholders in the Rice sector in the Philippines Developing an interim strategy for ‘Promoting a
Competitive Rice markets post 2017’
The Philippines Competition issues OFC (DoJ)-CUTS Joint Seminars on Competition Good practices in Bus Transport Regulation: Lessons for Philippines
Manila, May 05, 2015
How Can Competition Reforms Benefit Our Daily Lives?
The Philippines Bus Transport Sector Discussions with key stakeholders in the Bus Transport Sector in the Philippines including Land Transport Franchise & Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Office for Competition-Department of Justice (OFC-DOJ).  Need for a better managed bus transport sector in Philippines (scientific fare setting, route rationalisation, etc.)
 Land Transport Action Plan (LTAP) – draft
 Development of Competition and Regulatory Reforms Experts Group (CRREG)
Zambia Competition Issues Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)to make the presentation to Cabinet Secretary on the existing market distortions Competition distortions in key sectors in Zambia
Zambia Maize Sector Tripartite discussion with Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA – CCPC – CUTS) to share the findings vis-à-vis fertiliser sector Development of ‘checklist/toolkit ’ for simplifying public procurement in Zambia and making it pro-competitive
Zambia Bus Transport Sector Roundtable discussions with key stakeholders on safety issues in the bus transport sector

Discussion with ZABS on the way-forward for ‘bus seat’ standards

Formal request for developing the standards for ‘Bus Seats’ In Zambia
Draft standards to be discussed with the Technical Committee on bus standards

Other Advocacy & Outreach Activities