Chongwe Youth Hold Debate to Commemorate Youth Day

Lusaka, March 28, 2024

On 28th March 2024, a thought-provoking debate was held at the Village of Hope School in Chongwe as our youths continued to celebrate youth day. Representing the Urban Futures Project and Chalimbana University’s Food and Nutrition department, youth engaged in a compelling discussion on the motion: “Organic production is a vital component of sustainable food systems.”

Clever Mandaza, from Global Solutions Network, set the stage by encouraging youth to speak up confidently. Urban Futures champions emphasized the environmental merits of organic farming, citing soil health preservation, reduced chemical pollution, and biodiversity promotion. They argued that organic methods foster sustainability, ensuring long-term food security amidst climate challenges.

On the opposing side, Chalimbana University students countered with concerns about the challenges of organic farming, such as lower yields and higher costs. They advocated for responsible conventional methods, citing technological innovations and efficient resource management as pathways to sustainable food systems.

The debate sparked critical dialogue on the future of agriculture and sustainability, showcasing the dynamic perspectives of today’s youth.