Radio programme on public procurement system in Zambia

Lusaka, April 19, 2024

On Friday morning, CUTS took the airwaves by storm as it hosted a 45-minute live radio show during the peak hours on HOT FM Radio. The show aimed to engage various stakeholders and shed light on critical issues surrounding public procurement, particularly in the education sector.

With a reach extending across the nation, HOT FM Radio provided the platform for CUTS Lusaka to reach a diverse audience, ensuring broad coverage and impactful dissemination of information. The radio show delved into multifaceted aspects of procurement within the education sector, focusing on topics such as electronic procurement through the Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) system, transparency, and accountability for improved service delivery. Additionally, the role of citizens in providing oversight was emphasized, highlighting the importance of public engagement in governance processes.

Through initiatives like this radio show, CUTS aim to spotlight the consequences of inadequate procurement decisions on service delivery and encourage constructive dialogue towards accountability and improvement.
The Radio programme featured:

  • Ms. Beenzu Chilukutu – Research and Advisory Manager – Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA)
  • Mr. Chimuka Nachibinga – Governance and Institutional Strengthening Manager – Transparency International Zambia (TIZ)
  • Mr. Allan Chitwamali – Programme Officer – The Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) Lusaka (CUTS)