Training on Food Standards

Lusaka, April 03-04, 2024

As part of the Urban Futures project supported by Hivos, CUTS Lusaka organised a two-day youth training workshop on understanding food standards and regulations in Zambia. The workshop was aimed at equipping young minds with vital knowledge about food standards and product branding in the evolving food systems landscape.

Through engaging sessions, participants delved into the significance of adhering to food regulations and learning how it can positively impact their entrepreneurial ventures. The workshop also emphasized the creation of Green Jobs to not only bolster livelihoods but also combat climate change effects.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity for stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to come together, share insights, and brainstorm strategies for fostering a youth-friendly environment in Chongwe city, thereby contributing to the growth of the Zambian economy.

Discussions also revolved around food hazard analysis, product packaging and labeling, nutrition, standard guidelines and good farming practices.