Urban Futures Inception Meeting

Lusaka, November 06, 2024

On November 6th, 2023, the Urban Futures project commenced with an inception meeting in Chongwe, inaugurated by Mr. Mwakoi Sililo, the acting town clerk. CUTS Country Director Angela Mulenga provided an overview of the project, delivered by CUTS communication officer Nancy Mwape.

She explained that the first six months of the project will focus on stakeholder mapping, vision crafting, and community co-creation, laying the groundwork for inclusive development. Project objectives included establishing a comprehensive vision for Chongwe, finalizing a detailed Theory of Change, and raising community awareness about climate-resilient food systems.

Youth empowerment through agripreneurship, sustainable livestock production, and shorter food value chains was a key emphasis. CUTS envisions a Chongwe with expanded green spaces, robust food systems, and active citizen engagement in food governance.

Through strategic partnerships and leveraging expertise in agricultural value chains and technology, the project aims to empower youth, shape urban food systems, and foster systemic change. It seeks broad inclusivity by involving women, youth, disadvantaged groups, government, civil society, and the private sector.