Zambia hosts the Urban Futures global partners’ meeting

Lusaka, May 06-10, 2024

From May 6th to 10th, 2024, Zambia hosted the Urban Futures global partners’ meeting in Lusaka and Chongwe. In partnership with Global Network Solution (GNS), CUTS Lusaka is implementing a four-year project titled “Urban Futures,” supported by Hivos International. This initiative aims to tackle the complex challenges of urbanization, food insecurity, climate change, and youth unemployment in Chongwe, Zambia. This project is being implemented in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Colombia.

As part of the learning journey for Hivos, local partners, and youth participants, the team visited various locations in Lusaka and Chongwe. In Lusaka, they visited Loctaguna Organic Farm in New Kasama, which is committed to promoting environmental sustainability through agro-ecology. Mrs. Kanangwa Newlove, CEO of Loctaguna Organics, highlighted their partnership with the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre to train small-scale farmers across Zambia in agro-ecological methods and to raise awareness about healthy eating habits and responsible farming practices.

Additionally, the team visited the Information Technology Hub managed by GNS in Lusaka’s Ibex area. Here, they engaged in preparing traditional Zambian recipes such as nshima with vegetables, grilled fish, chikanda (local polony), and caterpillars. The activity was designed to foster teamwork, communication, and cultural exchange among the participants.

Moving to Chongwe, where the Urban Futures project is being implemented, the team paid courtesy visits to the Mayor, Town Clerk, and District Commissioner to strengthen local partnerships and support for the project.

The itinerary also included a visit to Chisamba, focusing on critical global issues related to food security, sustainability, and equity. Participants from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Colombia where the Urban Futures project is active, exchanged experiences and strategies. Discussions at the meeting centered on challenges facing the global food system and explored innovative solutions to ensure access to nutritious and sustainable food for all.

Overall, the visit provided valuable insights and collaborative opportunities for addressing pressing urban challenges and enhancing food security on a global scale.