Media capacity building workshop on public procurement system in Zambia

Lusaka, March 14, 2024

To build the capacity of media, who are the 4th Estate and reinforce their role in the dissemination of well researched, factual and informed perspective on public procurement system in Zambia, CUTS held a capacity building workshop for journalists.

The training was supported by Investigative Journalism Media Entity called Makanday and a seasoned Media Consultant Mr. Kellys Kaunda as well as a Legal Consultant Mr Chilufya Sampa who facilitated sessions.

The training aimed to enhance the analytical skills of journalists to effectively engage in public procurement in Zambia, using the education sector as a lens. Additionally, it aimed to stimulate broad discussions towards adopting a transparent, fair and competitive public procurement system to achieve policy inclusiveness and enhanced, oversight and monitoring of public procurement in the sector.

The meeting was designed to cater to a specific cohort of media personnel from prominent media houses including radio, television and print media. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • To enhance the capacity of Media personnel to understand and engage with the public procurement system in the education sector.
  • To empower reporters to advocate for the implementation of key recommendations from the Governance Diagnostic Assessment (GDA) and other relevant reports.
  • To facilitate training using the monitoring toolkit that can be utilized by participants to address public procurement issues effectively.